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Elegance, charm, substance, and flavor in spades. If this tiny splendor just did laundry and built a rockin' meatloaf, I bet higher than a handful of you people will be along on the knee in no time. It really is great - really, very excellent - and here's why.​ Boasting a black, added-fermented Cuban-seed Corojo wrapper that is slimy, toothy, and full of flavor, El Mejor was bred to deliver a rich, complex encounter.

This mixture encourages a largely delicious, moderate to fullbodied smoke that's split with records of richness earth, suggestions of caffeine, and a special, hot finish. The glow is remarkable, the taste is adequate, and after you get that closing puff, you will be wishing you had another. Prepare below.El Mejor is not pretty unexciting.

El Mejor is not pretty unexciting. This can be a great time of the entire year. New services are moving in from fresh line extensions, showcasing fresh models, the yearly trade-show, and interesting new combinations. I enjoy this time of the year.

No one quality dominates, and each is essential in doing a well-made, medium to fullbodied selection of familiar-yet interesting tastes. Underneath range: look elsewhere if you should be buying a cigar to hit you absent. But, if you should be buying cigar you depends on when it comes to quality, taste and strength.at a very interesting price-point, I will be stunned if El Mejor enables you along.

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