But I remained with him. I bought this Dell XT2 someone, also it worked perfectly, to plead. I'd mounted Windows 7 64bit and had also a touch- display, comfortable! Per week later Windows-8 is going since it was not imperfect for the touchscreen display and that I desired to try this laptop.

Many purposes and plans quit to work. Blue screen message. I've plenty of issues with near applications and applications without purpose. Here is a listing of programs and purposes that end: (note, that I started a trace after 10 or less retain set their function had, thus there it-no different) net subject Gpcore work Vzspath has ceased.

Thanks for the answer. Yes, it's the same on the Dell site. The manufacturer's website is however updated by it. However not my problem solve.

Our computer all-in to my feel not responding one touch display. All touch monitor master critique programs are not unavailable and work, but only if you employ the mouse. For a time, and recently found that not the touchscreen is used by me. Many purposes and plans quit to work.

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